The diversification of industry due to rapid growth rates accelerates the adoption of environmental regulative policies for both domestic and overseas settings. In particular, treating wastewater generated from steel mill, power plants and others desperately requires a high level of treatment technologies.
Wastewater occurring in steel mills and power plants has been a source of excessive use of freshwater and wastewater as freshwater used as a sealing in MINI rising pipes flows into the settling pond before being sent to sewage treatment plants. This system is developed to tackle this problem and to recycling sealing water in the rising pipe to save fresh water while preventing wastewater occurrence.


1. Economical filter type. A system that rarely breaks down, is economical and capable of large quantity of water in a short time.
2. As it is designed to filter and emit sludge without using any chemicals, it can reduce water pollution and environmental damage with high treatment efficiency.
3. Able to save water consumption.
4. Low maintenance costs and easy management.
5. Able to expand and apply to other businesses.


<wastewater recycling system installation picture>