A standard safety window that can be easily installed around B/C CHUTE and is designed to ensure convenience.
Wind-proof safety window uses color steel plate with rivets to prevent dust from blowing away from conveyor belts.

<Wind-proof safety window>
1. To stress safety and prolong coating longevity, use color steel plate with powder coating on angles.
2. Able to dismount without tool.
3. There is no problem of sticking screws as there is no need for bolts and nuts.
4. Various range of sizes to fit the site conditions.

<window frame>
1. Assuming that the environment of installation sites is the worst, it applies yellow powdered coating to prevent corrosion.
2. Designed to install by connecting.
3. As site conditions vary, its installation frame is designed to make it possible to install in any circumstances.
4. Cut in the shape of C to make it more solid.
5. Window and frame do not stick together by dust.
Having assiduously developed B/C peripherals, Lautec developed this safety window to improve the safety of chute parts and has a system that can immediately respond to any demand for products that do not fall into the standard categories.
< Before installation >
< After installation >