A device that is used to eliminate remaining foreign substances in the returning belt after loading cargoes on the belt conveyor. It cleans off remaining foreign substances with water spraying from a nozzle in the first watering system then eliminates with flowing water on upper roller and lower coating roller. Secondly, it rakes down the cleaner for remaining particles then again it eliminates with flowing water on upper roller and lower coating roller.
1. Life span expansion effect for the facility.
2. Improves operating efficiency
3. Increases operative efficiency
4. Reduces human resources costs
5. Improves operating environment
 Tension adjustment device Adjust the tensile power of the belt by adjusting the high and low of the upper roller
 Upper roller Press belt to contact it to the lower roller horizontally
 Lower roller Coated with rubber to easily eliminate water and water and dusts are eliminated where belt meets it.
 1st auto tension cleaner Tip is made up of ultra-light metal and it eliminates dust attached to the belt surface.
 2nd cleaner Eliminates miniscule dusts and water that have not been eliminated in the 1st cleaner.
 AUTO VALVE A valve that supplies cleaning water when belt conveyor is in operation. When the operation ceases it stops providing cleaning water.
 Collecting tank It collects and releases the water that contains dusts. Drain piping is installed in a slant so as to prevent dusts from accumulating.
 Heating plate It is installed on the inclination surface of the collecting tank to prevent cleaning water that runs on the slanted surface from becoming frozen and accumulating
 Heating coil Prevents a rupture during the winter
 Auto control box Controls all devices
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