Lautec is a company that puts others first, manufactures its products based on its philosophy that any products produced, are what we use for ourselves.
Lautec was established in 1995 and strives to improve product quality and to develop excellent new products based on its accumulated technologies and experience for belt conveyor peripherals and factory automation systems.

Based on this it has resulted in many patents and utility models, and they are widely utilized as products that prove their merits on actual sites of various companies with favorable response.

Lautec does not settle for its current accomplishment, it makes even more endeavors to be an enterprise that can contribute to the development of the country and society based on its corporate spirit as a company that puts others first, benefits its customers, and pioneers its future by constantly researching attitudes and investments.

As a company that prepares for the future, Lautec strives to become a company that makes further efforts in its research to produce world-class products that can compete in the competitive world market, and the one that approaches customers with the best quality and perfect services. In this regard, we would appreciate your cooperation and attention. Thank you.

CEO Seo, Seok-ho
Business site   29-112. Gwangju Industrial Materials Distribution Center, 948 Maewol-dong, Gwangju Metropolitan city,
Main facilities  
Main items  Automatic aligning device
 De-watering device
 Water cleaning device
 Belt Cleaner & tensioner
 Carrier roller stand